‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ Fan Film Showcases Freddy’s Early Years As The “Springfield Slasher”


Our favorite dream demon Freddy Krueger has now appeared in nine different films, and though we know the entire story of his life, death and fiery resurrection, the story of Freddy’s life as the ‘Springwood Slasher’ long before the events of A Nightmare on Elm Street have never truly been shown.  This may be due to the fact that Fred Krueger was a child murderer and possible molester.

Filmmaker Chris R. Notarile has just released the latest in his string of Freddy fan films that he’s made over the years, which gives us a glimpse into Freddy’s early days as a child killer.  Krueger: A Walk Through Elm Street is only six minutes long, so I encourage all of you to make the time to watch it.

Check out A Walk Through Elm Street below, and head over to Notarile’s YouTube channel to see his other Freddy fan films!