Adam Green’s Film ‘Frozen’ Turned Into A Fan-Made Musical


Adam Green, much like director Eli Roth, seems to represent the new breed of horror filmmaker that grew up as huge horror fans in the 1980’s, much like most of us, and took it upon themselves to became directors themselves.  One of Adam Green’s early films, Frozen, I feel was very under-rated.  But if you look up Frozen on IMDB, the first movie that will pop up is Disney’s computer-animated film of the same name.

So what does Adam Green’s film have in common with Disney’s?  Well, now they are both musicals.  Thanks to the YouTube channel Lego Lambs comes this musical fan rendition of Adam Green’s Frozen, with original music by brothers Jon and Al Kaplan over the top of visuals from the movie.  Check out the rather brilliant Frozen: The Musical video below.