Adam Wingard’s Latest Horror Flick ‘The Woods’ is Actually an Official ‘Blair Witch’ Sequel, Drops New Trailer


In horror news that has me the most excited I’ve been for the genre in quite some time, Adam Wingard’s latest film The Woods screened at San Diego’s Comic-Con this week and it was revealed to those in attendance that the film has secretly been an official Blair Witch sequel all along.

Officially titled Blair Witch, the film marks Wingard’s follow-up to recent horror-influenced fare like The Guest and You’re Next which proved his knack for being able to scare an audience while also crafting wholly original movie going experiences.

Blair Witch centers on the brother of the original film’s Heather, who comes across footage online that was uploaded from a tape found in the Black Hills woods, where the original film took place. Now, he along with a group of fellow college students have decided to enter the woods to try and learn the truth about his sister and the legend of the Blair Witch.

You can check out the fantastic new trailer below, and then the film when it hits theaters September 16th.