ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Spoof on The Blair Witch Project!


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has a specific set of rules. You have 24 hours to accept a given challenge, in which you must donate $10.00 to an ALS charity of your choice and dump a cold bucket of ice water on your head or donate $100.00 to an ALS charity. However, there are no rules when it comes to making a spoof.

Laura Barlow, a huge supporter of Morbidly Amusing, came up with this great idea to make a spoof of The Blair Witch Project after she was nominated for the challenge. I was thrilled to both appear in and to help her make this video. It is dedicated to Dr. Morbid, AKA Kyle Cerilli, and was filmed a day before his birthday (August 16th). The video also features comedian Darik Santos from “America’s Got Talent” and Mariel (Orange Red Blue). A big thank you also goes out to Scott Cole for being the cameraman.

One final note: Annette Cerilli, you are still on the clock! Enjoy!