AMC Bets On Kevin Smith and ‘The Comic Book Men’, Possible Spinoff and Talk Show In The Works


AMC is investing in Kevin Smith for the long haul.  Based upon the great success of Smith’s unscripted reality TV series Comic Book Men, AMC announced plans to renew the reality show as well as a spinoff series following frequent guest cast-member Robert Bruce as he searches out collectibles.  That’s not the only news however, because based after the success of the late night talk show The Talking Dead, they also green-lighted a pilot for a new weekly late night series starring Kevin Smith and his Hollywood Babble-On Podcast co-host Ralph Garman.

This is how Kevin Smith described the Podcast to The Hollywood Reporter, “I always describe it as Entertainment Tonight but filthy ,we sit there and make fun of our industry betters. We bring an inside perspective. We’re not the biggest winners on the planet, so we can grouse as well. It has a fun dynamic of salty and sweet. It’s a night club show, so we’re working with the good folks to try and crack the code of how to turn that podcast we record live every week into a TV show.”

Kevin Smith wasn’t content with just making movies, so he entered the realm of Podcasts and took the Internet by storm.  At first I was afraid that Comic Book Men would only be watched by the hardcore Kevin Smith fan,  but thankfully I was wrong and it became a huge success.  Now it seems as if Smith is prepared to take on television and make it his bitch!  Oh yeah,  did I also mention that he also writes comic books and does stand-up?   Is there anything that this  Jolly Fat Guy can do wrong?  I think not.


Courtesy of Deadline