‘American Horror Story’ Season 4 Gets Official Title, Setting and Casting Information


Co-creator Ryan Murphy announced that the fourth season of American Horror Story would be titled American Horror Story: Freak Show.  Entertainment Weekly had more details as to the location, time period and casting, saying that the show is, “Set in Jupiter, Florida, in 1950, Freak Show finds Jessica Lange playing a German ex-pat who is managing one of the last freak shows in the U.S. Her group of “unusuals”? Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, and Frances Conroy all play performers whom Lange’s character has rescued.”

Entertainment Weekly also reports that Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts are currently in talks to return to series.  The fourth season will once again consist of 13 episodes.  I don’t know about you, but I personally love the idea of an entire American Horror Story season taking place at a freak show because there is so much possibility for disturbing material. The time period of the 1950’s is also interesting and I hope, that like last season, there are some historical characters that appear in the show.

UPDATE: Michael Chiklis (The Shield) will be the male lead of Freak Show.  Two words… freaking awesome!



Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly