Bad Milo (2013) Review

bad milo-toilet

Rated R

85 min

Directed by: Jacob Vaughan

Written by: Benjamin Hayes, Jacob Vaughan


Bad Milo is a horror/comedy that follows a stressed man who has a unique stomach problem. He just so happens to have a demon that lives inside of his ass and who painfully climbs out wherever something is causing him a lot of stress. And if it just so happens to be another person then the demon, given the innocent name of Milo, might just happen to kill them.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people that are causing him stress and eventually Milo needs to be put in his place. Eventually it is revealed that this problem seems to run in the family and his wife just so happens to be pregnant. This movie brings back more than a couple of memories from the film Gremlins.

Let the rubber puppet chaos begin.



Very funny  With great comedic actors such as Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs and Patrick Warburton, this movie is frequently hilarious and the character of Milo had me laughing my butt off whenever he wasn’t trying to murder somebody. Also if you are a connoisseur of poop humor, such as myself, you will find much to love here. There is also a reoccurring joke about Milo’s murders being committed by a rabid raccoon that was great.

Great concept –  The story of a man and his ass demon who lashes out against the stressful people that cause the man mental anguish is a fantastic basis for this kind of film. Also the fact that the creature wasn’t CGI only added to its awesomeness because I miss creature features such as Gremlins and Ghoulies. By setting up the main characters problems at the beginning of the film the rest of the film basically wrote itself as Milo went along eliminating all of his stress.

Well made –  This movie  could  have easily been immature and devolved into nothing but potty jokes, I mean the movie is about a creature that comes out of a mans ass, but it was surprisingly well-made and at certain times was even sentimental. The relationship between Milo and Ken Marino’s character was well established and at the end you feel for both man and demon.



– Not enough horror – For a movie being centered on a demon going around and killing people there is a surprising lack of horrific scenes especially when it came the death scenes which usually occurred off-screen except for the exception of one gruesome scene. Unlike Shaun of the Dead the balance between horror and comedy is almost one-sided, heavily favoring the comedy aspects.

– Wanted more Milo carnage – I thought the character of Milo was great especially with the fact that he wasn’t a CGI creature but an old-school rubber puppet. For having such a great creature I don’t believe he was used enough. His body count was minimal and there was definitely room for more carnage to be had. It also took a good half-an-hour for the creature to even be introduced and I know that was to introduce the main characters problems but Milo was so awesome that I wanted to see more of him.

– Too short – Maybe because it’s that I wanted to see more of the creature but I felt this movie was a little to short. All it needed was another 10-15 minutes. The first half-an-hour was all build-up and the last 50 minutes flew by and I found it disappointing that there didn’t seem to be enough payoff.


Milo was a very well made horror/comedy with a great creature that unfortunately seemed to avoid the horror elements in favor of straight up comedy. The movie would have benefited from a better balance of both elements, such as Shaun of the Dead. If you go into the movie initially knowing this and don’t mind it primarily being a comedy then I believe you will have a good time.

Milo is a pain in the ass that I wouldn’t mind having. It is certainly better than constipation.