‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Gets an Extended Gameplay Trailer at E3, Reveals New Version of Scarecrow


Video game companies took the world by storm yesterday with their presentations at E3 2014, and no doubt one of the highlights was the reveal of an extended gameplay trailer for the highly-anticipated Next-Gen game Batman: Arkham Knight. While originally scheduled for release this coming October on PS4 and Xbox One, it was recently pushed back to 2015 to allow Rocksteady more time to perfect the game for its release. Normally, this would be an unbearable wait for a massive fan of the Arkham games like me, but really, I’m quite happy with it as it gives me more time to save up for my eventual purchase of a PS4.

In the latest gameplay trailer, it’s abundantly clear that Rocksteady has taken advantage of the new advances in video game technology prevalent in the Next-Gen systems. From epic Batmobile action to new and advanced combat sequences, this looks like the Batman game to top them all. In addition to these advances, we also get our first look at the incredibly creepy new version of Arkham Knight‘s big-bad, Scarecrow. While at first I wasn’t ready to accept a new voice actor for the character, as I had become quite attached to the version in Arkham Asylum, all those worries seemed to fade away with this new unveiling. We also learned the news that there will be PS4 exclusive Scarecrow Fear Levels, so that is definitely something else to look forward to.

Definitely check back with us here at Morbidly Amusing for more updates on Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait too long into 2015 for the game’s release. For now, watch the latest trailer over and over again. I’ll be sure to do the same.



Source: IGN