Behind The Scenes Look at Horror Sequel “Wolf Creek 2”


All the way back in 2005, Greg Mclean’s Australian horror flick Wolf Creek hit theaters to solid box office success in addition to a smattering of critical praise from horror enthusiasts. Some eight years later, Mclean is now back with the sequel, Wolf Creek 2, which made its premiere this past weekend at the Venice Film Festival. Reviews have been modest in their praise so far for the sequel that marks the return of outback serial-killer Mick Taylor played by the ever terrifying Aussie actor John Jarratt. As in the first film, an unwitting tourist comes into conflict with Taylor and it’s safe to say that based on the first film, things may not end well.

Although we do not yet have a trailer for the film, thanks to a local Australian TV station we now have a behind the scenes look at the sequel with commentary from writer-director Greg Mclean himself. The film is expected to be released in theaters some time in 2014.