Bobcat Goldthwait’s Found Footage Bigfoot Horror Film ‘Willow Creek’ Gets A New Trailer & Poster


Legendary comedian Bobcat Goldthwait has carved out quite a career for himself as a filmmaker. With his two dark comedies God Bless America and World’s Greatest Dad, he made his mark on the movie world to varying degrees of success, and now he’s trying his hand at something complete different: found footage horror. Goldthwait’s latest film, Willow Creek, centers on a Bigfoot believer (Bryce Johnson) and his non-believer girlfriend (Alexie Gilmore) who travel to Willow Creek in California in hopes of getting a glimpse of Bigfoot himself. We now have a second trailer for the film and a new poster (above) thanks to the folks over at Entertainment Weekly.

I personally am really looking forward to this and have never really been opposed to found footage horror, unlike most of my horror brethren. While I personally wasn’t crazy about God Bless America, I’m a big fan of World’s Greatest Dad and am very much looking forward to seeing Goldthwait try his hand at something completely different. Willow Creek has been making the festival rounds for over a year now, but we’ll finally get a chance to see it next week when it hits select theaters and VOD June 6th. Check out the latest trailer below.


Source: Entertainment Weekly