‘Cabin Fever: Patient Zero’, The First Of Two Prequels, Gets A Trailer


Cabin Fever, made by Eli Roth in 2002, launched his career into horror infamy.  Ti West followed up Roth’s film with the sequel, Spring Fever, in 2009, which West has since gone on to completely disown.

Next year, the fever returns in Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, the first of two prequels that delves into the origin story of the virus that ran rampant in the first two films.  In Patient Zero, a group of friends travel to a distant Caribbean island for some fun in the sun, a vacation that quickly turns into a nightmare when a horrific infection shows up and joins them.

Patient Zero is set to go straight-to-DVD sometime next year, with Cabin Fever: Outbreak to follow in 2015.  Sean Astin, from Rudy fame, appears to play the patient zero.  Check out the international trailer for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero below.  Cabin Fever is one of my personal favorites, so I hope these prequels don’t suck.