Check Out These 3 Cool Retro Trailers For Hulu’s New Series ‘Deadbeat’


A brand new Hulu original series, entitled Deadbeat, will begin next month and seems to be tailor made for horror fans like us. The show stars Tucker and Dale vs. Evil‘s Tyler Labine as Kevin, an unemployed dude who talks to ghosts.  The show follows Kevin as he helps to finish the unfinished business of New York City’s recently departed residents.  I am a huge fan of Tyler Labine as an actor, so I truly hope that this show turns out to be good.

In promotion of the series, which will immediately be available to watch in its entirety on the April 9th, Hulu came up with a series of trailers that are meant to get you excited about the show.  Each of these three quick teasers are based on different decades of horror cinema, inspired by the way that horror trailers were made in those specific time periods. Check out the three of them below, which take you back in time to the 1940’s, the 1970’s and the 1980’s.  I personally think this is genius marketing.