Chucky Returns In Follow-up To ‘Curse of Chucky’


Curse of Chucky proved that there’s still plenty of life left in the Chucky franchise, and it looks like horror fans won’t have to wait too much longer for the next film as creator Don Mancini recently took to Twitter and hinted at a seventh film. Check it out for yourselves:

DonMancini @RealDonMancini

To the fans who’ve asked questions about Alice and the end of#CurseofChucky: All will be answered in part 7!

2:27 PM – 2 Dec 2013

Just remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean anything has been green-lit by Universal yet, but it most likely means that Mancini has started work on the screenplay and that it will center around Alice.  I thought Curse of Chucky was a fantastic entry to the series and I hope that whenever the next film gets made, it will receive the proper theatre treatment.