Devils Pass (2013) Review


Devils Pass follows a team of 5 American college students in search of answers about the mysterious death of a group of nine Russians in the 50’s. The team travels to the Ural Mountains in Russia to document what they find.

-Cool concept
-Like winter/cold setting

-Shit characters
-so/so effects

Found Footage seems to be the only means of trying to make a horror film for nearly a decade now, and most of them fall very far from being good or even tolerable. What looks to be the main culprit for this style is that unless you have very engaging characters the films suffers from the audiences lack of compassion. Devils Pass is a film by director Renny Harlin (of Deep Blue Sea fame), and unfortunately the relatively cool story suffers from the lack of ‘giving a shit’ about the character on the journey. They are annoying, and lack the intelligence to get the fuck out! Ok, so getting out of the situation would make this like a 30-minute movie about nothing, but it just does not make sense what happens.

They set out on the same path as the 1959 expedition, and soon things start to go wrong. They find Yeti like footprints, and a door that leads to an underground compound of sorts. As things escalate, an avalanche destroys several members of the party and severely injuries another. The rest of the group sends out a flair that obviously attracts more attention from the bad guys, and they escape into the underground compound that has clearly been hidden for a reason.

Once in the underground area, they realize that this is a place where things such as the Philadelphia Experiment could have originated. Soon they find creatures who can ‘jump’ or teleport around the area, and the source looks to be a large wormhole. At the end, the last 2 survivors jump through the wormhole, and die on the mountain, prompting the government to quarantine the area and grab the camera they had used. You’ll have to watch it to find out what the ‘surprise ending’ is.

All in all, the film lacks the essential elements for it to be a good film, but it also even lacks the stuff to create a real good found footage. The ideas in the film are cool, the execution… not so much.