Dimension Films is Rebooting ‘Halloween’, Again


Just eight years after Rob Zombie rebooted the Halloween franchise to mixed results, Dimension Films has thrown in the towel and decided that they’re going to do it all over again.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news earlier this evening that writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been hired by Dimension to write a new Halloween film that they’re calling a “recalibration” of the franchise.

Look, they can call it whatever they want, but it’s safe to say this is a reboot of some kind. The last film in the series, Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, was released all the way back in 2009 and for most audiences nowadays that’s an eternity.

Melton and Dunstan are mostly known for penning the last four films in the Saw franchise as well as Piranha 3DD, so with a pedigree like that it’s hard to exactly be optimistic about this new Halloween film.

While a release date is still to be determined, the turnaround with modern-day horror films is pretty quick so it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see it within the next two years. In the meantime, we here at Morbidly Amusing will keep you up to date on all news Halloween as it becomes available.


Source: THR