Disneyland: The Scariest Place On Earth



Randy Moore’s experiment in guerrilla filmmaking, Escape from Tomorrow, is set to hit theaters and VOD on October 11th. Shot secretly inside Disneyland, featuring princess prostitutes, Disney characters attempting to crush a child, and a poster bearing a bloody Mickey Mouse hand, the filmmakers expected backlash and legal battles. Any comment from Disney would be great promotion for the film.

Maybe Disney knows this and doesn’t want to become guilty for the film’s success, or they just don’t care. Either way, they aren’t talking. Disney’s silence is now the main buzz around the film, leaving us to wonder: Is the film any good? Will anyone be talking about this after its release? I hope so. Regardless of the film’s quality, its completion is a feat reminiscent of Gareth Edwards’ Monsters (2010), which propelled Edwards’ career and got him the job directing the upcoming Godzilla reboot. Let’s see what you’ve got, Moore.