Dr. Morbid’s Top 5 Directors That Could and Should Make ‘Friday the 13th: Part 13’


Recently it has been rumored that special effects legend Tom Savini has been approached to direct the next Friday the 13th.  This rumor was researched by the team at website Bloody Disgusting and has unfortunately been proven completely untrue.  What they did discover, however, is that Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes are currently in discussions to find a director to bring the hockey-masked maniac Jason back from the dead yet again, which I hope will not be found-footage.

So, given this information, I decided in my infinite wisdom that I would provide Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes a list of directors that could bring some  life back into the mangled corpse of Jason.  I did not pick these directors according to the proposed found-footage angle, but I picked them according to whether they could bring justice to the superior films in the franchise, primarily the ones made in the 1980’s.  So here comes Dr. Morbid’s list of the Top 5 Directors That Could and Should Resurrect The Friday the 13th Franchise, in no particular order.


Adam Green


Why him?  Adam Green is one of the greatest young talents in the horror industry, hands down.  He created the Hatchet trilogy, as well as the superb thrillers Spiral and Frozen, and the horror sitcom Holliston.  Apparently, he was already approached about the Friday the 13th project, but refused to take part in it if they used the found-footage angle.  Please approach him again but only this time let him do it his way.

His advantages.  Green’s first feature film was the superb slasher Hatchet, which was basically an old-school Friday the 13th movie that also featured Kane Hodder as a maniac hacking up half-naked teenagers.  Not only did he nail the 1980’s vibe with the film, but he also managed to create an interesting villain and an awesome mythology around him, where more is revealed as the series continued.  Also, have you seen the death and destruction that Victor Crowley has brought with him throughout the franchise?  The Hatchet movies have also taken place in one primary location, which is great news when it comes to bringing Camp Crystal Lake to life.

His disadvantages.  I can’t think of too many disadvantages to having  Adam Green write and direct Friday the 13th: Part 13.

Resume: Director – Hatchet (2006), Spiral (2007), Frozen (2010), Hatchet 2 (2010), Digging Up the Marrow (2013)  


Alexandre Aja  


Why him? Alexandre Aja is the only non-American on this list and is considered one of the members of the ‘splat pack’, which includes the likes of Rob Zombie and Eli Roth.  He already has made enough well-made horror films to become an international success, with his next feature set to be an adaptation to Stephen King’s sons novel, Horns.

His advantages.  He is already considered one of the best young  horror directors in Hollywood and has faithfully brought two old horror films to life, becoming known as the go to person when it comes to remakes or re-imaginings.

His disadvantages.   Aja has only made remakes or re-imaginings of The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha, two less than stellar films that were made early in known film-makers careers.  I know not every film in the Friday the 13th franchise were great, but it is still considered one of the most iconic film series ever.  I’m not sure he would want the pressure associated with taking this job.

Resume: Director – High Tension (2003), The Hills Have Eyes (2006), Mirrors (2008), Piranha 3D (2010), Horns (2013)


Marcus Dunstan


Why him?  He is the writer behind the Feast trilogy and the last 4 Saw sequels, which I was not a huge fan of but there is no denying the fact that these films were some of the most popular horror movies in the last 10 years.  He is also a proven director, with his films The Collector and the vastly superior sequel The Collection, behind his belt.

His advantages.  Not only is he a talented writer, behind 3 successful  horror franchises, but he is also capable of directing the script that he has also written.  If the studio wants to continue following the groundwork set-up by the 2009 Friday the 13th film and make Jason Voorhees smarter and capable of building traps, then Dunstan would be the perfect choice given that he has given life to not only Jigsaw but also The Collector, who both layout the most vicious traps imaginable.

His disadvantages.  Unlike many of the directors on this list, I am not sure that he can pull off the 1980’s vibe that might be necessary to please the hard-core Friday the 13th fanboys.  And given the fact that this is the 13th film in the franchise, I think it is necessary that the hard-core fans that have been behind the series since day one is supported above all else.  The Saw and Collector franchises are both very modern and it would be interesting to see how he would handle an older franchise.

Resume: Director – The Collector (2009), The Collection (2012); Writer – Feast Trilogy, Saw 4-7, Piranha 3DD


Robert Hall


Why him?  He has created his own original slasher series in Laid to Rest and also created ChromeSkull, who like Jason is a masked psychopath.  He is young and has an obvious love for the genre, often incorporating state-of-the-art special effects into his films.

His advantages.  Hall is known for his special effects company, Almost Human, which gives him more of an edge when it comes to providing the bloody carnage that Jason fans have been waiting for.  When it comes to blood and gore almost nobody, except maybe Tom Savini or Greg Nicotero, does it better than Hall.

His disadvantages.  He’s new to the game when it comes to directing experience, at the moment he has only directed the two Laid to Rest films, with his third feature due out later this year.   While both of his movies feature a great villain and amazing special effects, he has yet to prove that he can provide a great story to his material.  I would recommend to have somebody else handle the script, while he can focus on providing grizzly death scenes for Jason.

Resume: Director – Laid to Rest (2009), ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011), Fear Clinic (2014); Studio Head – Almost Human FX


William Lustig


Why him?  He is the director of the classic film Maniac, which featured early practical effects by Tom  Savini, and helped to produce the superior remake.  This shows that he can take an older slasher film and make it relevant to a new generation of fans, while still appealing to the original fanbase.  He has also proven that he can handle the creation of a franchise, which can be seen with his Maniac Cop trilogy.

His advantages.  Lustig has been in the industry for a lot longer than the other directors on this list, producing a total of 103 things according to IMDB.  He is also the only one of these directors to actually direct a movie in the 1980’s, which means he can get that 80’s vibe.

His disadvantages.  He is mainly, as of the last 15 years, currently known as a producer and he hasn’t directed a movie since 1996’s Uncle Sam.

Resume: Director – Maniac (1980), Maniac Cop Trilogy (1988-1993), Uncle Sam (1996); Producer – 103 credits on IMDB


Stay tuned to Morbidly Amusing for Jason Voorhees’s  Fatality Theatre, which features everyone’s favorite masked maniac showcasing his Top 10 Fatalities from the new Mortal Kombat video game.  More Jason-themed videos will eventually be released if that video does well.  Is there any director that you think would be a better fit to direct the 13th Friday the 13th film?  Let us know in the comment section below.