Drew Goddard Set to Write & Direct Marvel’s ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’


When it was announced a few weeks back that Marvel and Sony had agreed on a deal that would allow Spider-Man to become a part of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was over the moon. As someone who has been a massive fan of the character from a very early age, the possibility of seeing my favorite web-slinger up on the big-screen among The Avengers is quite simply mind-blowing. Well, that amazing news just got even better.

According to Latino Review, Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) has been chosen to write and direct Marvel’s first standalone Spidey picture, rumored to be titled Spectacular Spider-Man.

Some of you may remember that Goddard left his duties on Netflix’s Daredevil TV series last Spring in order to helm Sony’s planned Spidey spin-off Sinister Six. While many were concerned that Marvel’s new plans for Spider-Man would leave Goddard out in the cold, that is clearly not the case.

Latino Review also mentions in their report that, thankfully, Marvel will not be doing yet another Spidey origin story, but will rather treat him as an already established superhero. They also confirm rumors that this Spider-Man will be of high school age and that the storyline in the first film is expected to revolve around him auditioning to be a part of The Avengers by going up against Iron Man.

While it’s certainly been awhile since there’s been a truly great Spider-Man adaptation up on the big-screen, with Goddard’s involvement I have a feeling that’s going to be changing relatively soon. Say, July 28th, 2017?