Fake Trailer ‘Clown’ Turned Into Feature Film Produced By Eli Roth


Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse started a trend in 2007 that continues to this day of fans making mock trailers for horror movies that don’t really exist, usually with really ridiculous concepts.  Apparently inspired by Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving, one of those fake trailers waJon Watts’ Clown, which claimed to have the involvement of Eli Roth himself.  In truth, Roth had nothing to do with it, which many horror fans were disappointed by.

Roth, upon learning of the trailer, ended up watching it and was so impressed with it that he helped Watts turn the idea into an actual feature length horror film.  Set for release sometime in the near future, Clown centers on a father who puts on a clown costume to entertain his son, and soon finds himself unable to take it off.  Turns out, the spirit of an evil killer clown has overtaken the man, and it won’t be happy until he kills everyone he loves.

Check out Watts’ original fake trailer for Clown below, because unfortunately even though the new official trailer was recently released, it was soon taken down from YouTube for copyright reasons.  Having seen the trailer for myself, I can safely say that Eli Roth’s influence was felt.  As soon as the official trailer resurfaces we will Post it so you can check it out yourselves.