“Final Destination 6: The Dark Age“ Concept Trailer


In the year 2000, we met the unseen force of Death itself in the franchise known as Final Destination.  The unique and original premise of a group of random survivors cheating death and then being hunted down one by one was originally pitched as an episode of The X-Files.

It has now been 13 years since the release of the original Final Destination and there have been four sequels to the series, the last one coming out in 2011.  The last two years have come and gone without any word on a sequel.

That is, until this very interesting video surfaced on YouTube uploaded by a fan named Alexander McNeill, who mentions that he cut the trailer together based on an idea relayed to him by someone named Craig Perry, who just so happens to have produced every single film in the Final Destination series.

Is Death really headed into the Dark Ages?  I for one think this would be a genius idea to inject some life back into this franchise.  And of course, please bring back Tony Todd.