First Details About ‘American Horror Story’ Season 4


Part of the fun of the show American Horror Story is trying to figure out what next year’s season will be about.  There have been rumors that the next season will take place in a carnival.  Well it looks like those rumors have turned out to be true.  It won’t necessarily be titled American Horror Story: Circus, but writer/producer Douglas Petrie confirmed it by saying, “Yes. It doesn’t have a title, but that’s the idea. Very roughly, that’s the idea.”

The idea of the Carnival setting has a lot of potential, hopefully capturing the feeling of Tod Browning’s Freaks by featuring real-life ‘freaks’, which could amplify the disturbing factor times 10.  Last season, American Horror Story: Coven, started off great but ended rather un-dramatically.  So are you excited about the new location that the next season is taking?  Personally, I’m excited about the possibilities.