Fox’s ‘Scream Queens’ TV Series Gets A Full-Length Trailer


From the men behind FX’s American Horror Story comes Fox’s Scream Queens, their latest horror anthology series that promises a very different tone.

Starring horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis as the dean of Wallace University, Scream Queens centers on the conflict between Curtis’ character and Kappa House, a sorority led by Emma Roberts who are very particular about the kind of pledges they seek. But, when the dean forces them to take on any pledge who has an interest in joining their house, things go awry. And by things, I mean a killer in a devil mask begins picking them off, one by one.

Tonally, the trailer for Scream Queens seems like a nightmare come to life, but in this case that is not a compliment. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are clearly going for horror-comedy in the vein of something like Scream, but everything is so over the top that it feels like nails on a chalkboard. And yeah, I’m just gonna throw this out there right now, if Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t the killer, consider me shocked.

Scream Queens premieres this September on Fox. Check out the trailer below.