Freddy’s Back: New Line Cinema Is Rebooting ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, Again


In news that will surprise absolutely no one, a movie studio is rebooting a franchise that made them money years ago in hopes that it will yet again make them some money.

Now you may be wondering, what franchise could this possibly be? They’ve already rebooted just about everything!

Well, it’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. Ya know, the one with Freddy Krueger that was already rebooted back in 2010 and unsurprisingly failed to live up to the original?

New Line Cinema has set David Leslie Johnson, the writer of such “classics” as Red Riding Hood and Wrath of the Titans, to pen the script for the film.

While no other details about the reboot are known at this time, we here at Morbidly Amusing will be sure to bring you news of the next Nightmare of Elm Street reboot when it hits the web sometime in 2020.