Gentle Giant Resurrects A Controversial 1979 ‘Alien’ Figure


Horror villains, such as Freddy and Jason, have always made good fodder for Boy’s action figures.  But back in 1979 there was an action figure that became so controversial that it was removed from shelves.  That action figure, created by Kenner, was an 18″ Alien figure, which was pulled because of parental complaints that the toy was just too terrifying for their children to play with.  In recent years banned action figures have become highly collectible, especially on sites such as eBay.

Now, over thirty years after the release of the original figure, collectible toy company Gentle Giant has released an exact replica that measures itself at 24″, and features chrome teeth and mechanically activated jaws, as well as the authentic instruction sheets.  This 1979-retro Alien Xenomorph figure is not cheap, however, running at an expensive $499.  You can pre-order the toy at the Gentle Giant website and if you put your pre-order in before February 22nd, you’ll get $100 shaved off the price.

The figures are expected to begin shipping late this year and, for those that are feeling nostalgic, check out the original 1979 commercial for the 18″ Kenner Alien action figure below.  If I was rich this is definitely something I would be interested in picking up.