Gory Fun Ahead In This ‘Blood Glacier’ Trailer


We are sharing a Dr. Morbid news story that he did not have an opportunity to post…enjoy!

On April 4th Dr. Morbid reviewed the following movie trailer:

The film Blood Glacier, which is being released in Theaters and VOD May 2, 2014 courtesy of IFC, may not exactly be based after a true story but it inspired by a real-life location.  This story, obviously similar to John Carpenter’s The Thing, centers on a team of scientists who notice a strange, red liquid pouring down a glacier, with the ‘blood’ causing horrifying changes in the wildlife it comes into contact with.

Located in East Antarctica, Blood Falls is the name given to a naturally-occurring plume of saltwater that perpetually flows from the Taylor Glacier, covering the ice in its path in a bloody-looking mess of red liquid.  Basically it looks like blood.

Now that you’ve been given some background information on what inspired this film, check out the trailer for Blood Glacier below. It looks like this film is pretty practical effects-heavy, so it is definitely a movie that hardcore horror fans that are sick of CGI garbage.