‘Gremlins’ Meets ‘Kill Bill’ In This Animated Fan Film


In the sequel to the movie Gremlins, The New Batch, Gizmo plays Rambo after watching a scene of the Stallone movie (“To survive a war, you got to become war !”) and helps to fight against the evil Gremlins in the end.  Samuel Toniolo developed this animated fan-made ending to the film, in which he imagined that Gizmo didn’t watch Rambo, but rather the ultra violent Kill Bill.

This is how much work Toniolo, according to him, put into this short animated film:

“1 week of making a story-board that I’m the only one who can understand it !
6 month of drawing
5 month of coloring a drawing after another
1 month of compositing
1 week working on sound effect
3 hours compiling
147 moments becoming mad !
To conclude : 1 year approximatively to finish this video, but the result belongs is a little as good as I hoped !”

Check out this fan-made mashup of Joe Dante and Quentin Tarantino’s Gremlins 2 down below.