‘Halloween Returns’ Set To Begin Production Next Month


It’s been in development for quite some time, but now it’s finally official. The third installment in Rob Zombie’s rebooted Halloween franchise is coming, just without Rob Zombie.

Halloween Returns is officially set to start production next month. Dimension Films and Trancas International Films will produce, while Saw franchise veterans Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton will write the film’s script. Dunstan will direct.

While its been nearly six years since Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, it should come as no surprise in this world of over-saturated film franchises that Dimension is looking to squeeze a few more dollars out of Michael Myers. And trust me, that’s all they are doing.

While Zombie’s films didn’t exactly receive critical acclaim among horror aficionados upon their release, at least they were trying to do something different with the franchise. Unfortunately, I highly doubt Halloween Returns intends to do anything but try and appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Halloween Returns will most likely hit theaters sometime in 2016.