Horror News Round-Up: ‘Let The Right One In’ Inspired TV Series Coming to A&E, ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’ Drops New Trailer


It’s a pretty rare occurrence when a remake of an acclaimed horror film is actually good, let alone surpasses its predecessor in quality. Yet, the case could be made that in 2010 Matt Reeves’ vampire horror flick Let Me In did just that. The film was a remake of a 2008 Swedish film titled Let The Right One In, and apparently Reeves wasn’t the only one who thought there was more material to be mined from the film’s concept.

The folks over at The Hollywood Reporter have learned that cable network A&E has decided to turn Let The Right One In into a television series. Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis is adapting the series for TV alongside Brandon Boyce (Wicker Park) and the show is expected to follow the film’s storyline of a lonely boy striking up a friendship with a young female vampire.


In other horror news, the not-so-hotly anticipated third entry in the Insidious franchise has unveiled its first full-length trailer. And guess what? It looks supremely mediocre, as expected. But hey, Dermot Mulroney needs works.

Insidious: Chapter 3 hits theaters everywhere June 5th.