In Memory of Kyle Cerilli (Dr. Morbid)

On behalf of the Morbidly Amusing team, it is with a sad heart that we share with you that Kyle Cerilli, better known as Dr. Morbid, has passed away this Monday.

I’ve known Kyle for practically my entire life and I’m not the only one who would say this, but he has been an inspiration to everyone he’s met and has touched more lives than I think he even knew. He was dealt a rough hand from the beginning, being wheelchair bound and battling Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. However, you would never notice because he wasn’t the type of person that would let something like that bring him down and stop him from doing what he loved. When others told him he couldn’t, it would make him even more determined to accomplish the task. His outlook on life was truly something special, never feeling sorry for himself for the things he couldn’t do, but rather taking joy and pride in the things he kicked ass at.

Kyle’s love for film is what many of us will remember him by. After he graduated from college, he set out to create his own film company with a few friends called Morbidly Amusing Films. Soon after, he directed a couple of short films and went on to create the site we have now. He would always be up to date with the newest horror news and watched more movies and played more video games then most of us do in a lifetime. His countless hours writing reviews and filming was what he loved to do and his audience meant the world to him. Even on his final days his only thought running through his mind was when he was going to post his next review.

He has left behind a legacy of his work and should be proud of all the accomplishments he has made in his life, in and outside of his professional career. None of us will ever forget Kyle and lives that he has touched, knowing him personally was truly a blessing and I would never be where I am today without him.


We’ll all miss you bud.

Nathan Jacquard, Morbidly Amusing