Jack Black is R.L. Stine in First Trailer for ‘Goosebumps’


Like many kids of the 90s, I grew up as a big fan of R.L. Stine’s series of horror novels Goosebumps. I still remember going to bed at night and having to turn over my copy of “Night of the Living Dummy” so the iconic cover wouldn’t give me nightmares.

Well, it looks like Hollywood is finally catching up to R.L. Stine as Goosebumps is finally getting the big-screen treatment.

The movie centers on Zach (Dylan Minnette), the new kid in town, who upon meeting his next-door neighbor Hannah (Odeya Rush) unintentionally releases the monsters locked away in her father’s books. Her father just so happens to be R.L. Stine himself (Jack Black).

Check out the trailer below and then the film when its released in theaters everywhere October 16th.