Kenny Nardozza’s Tortured Teacher’s Terrorscope (2013)


Have you ever wondered what happens when a Heavy Metal Moshing Maniacal Standup Comedy Machine becomes a teacher?!? The answer to that question is probably a no, however, my recent video from the world famous Comedy Studio entitled Tortured Teacher’s Terrorscope shows you the horrors of it all. Recorded on Wednesday, August 21, 2013, this video shows the reality of a man thrust into the field of education with no clue on how to educate.

Watch this video as many times as you can, give it tons of hits, tell your friends, so therefore I can become an overnight sensation and quit my teaching job. It’s an awful job that requires me to not be myself for eight hours a day. I’d much rather be wearing shirts that say “Unholy Goatfucker” than looking like a tool in a suit. Anyway, enjoy!