Kevin Smith’s Low Budget Walrus Horror Film ‘Tusk’ Unveils First Trailer


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been a huge Kevin Smith fan. While he’s made some funny, entertaining movies in the past, he’s never really been a director whom I’ve anticipated a new project from. Well, in a strangely twisted turn of events, that has just changed.

Tusk, Kevin Smith’s out-there low budget horror flick, now has its first trailer, which aims to let everyone know that “all that separates man from animal are the stories he tells”.  The film stars Justin Long as a podcaster who sets out on a trip to Canada to interview an old man (Michael Parks), only to be drugged and held captive by this same man who happens to only have one thing on his mind: he wants to turn Long into a walrus.

The trailer really does a nice job of infusing its horror trappings with some of Smith’s trademark wit and humor, and gives us a real sense of the showcase it appears to be for the always interesting Michael Parks. I was even struck by some of the interesting cinematography on display, something that Smith’s films have never been known for.

While Tusk won’t be released until September 19th, you can check out the fantastic trailer for it below. And if you’re not going to do it for me, at least do it for Dr. Morbid. I can only imagine how excited he would be at the prospect of his two favorite things, Kevin Smith and horror, joining forces to unleash one totally insane experience on the world.

The time for snoochie boochies is over. It’s time for the horror of the walrus.



Source: A24