Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’ Wraps Friday, Releases First Look at the Walrus Creature


Despite only having started shooting on November 4th, Kevin Smith’s walrus-centric horror flick Tusk is just about ready to head to the editing bay. Smith took to Instagram recently to not only tell fans that his latest film is set to conclude production this Friday, but also chose to release the first look at the design for the walrus-man creature, played by Justin Long.

You can check out the pic of the design at the following link:

The pic was accompanied by these words from Smith: ” ‘Is man, indeed, a walrus at heart?’ We wrap TUSK this Friday! Will be tough to leave NC as I’m so in love with my Charlotte crew and this wacky flick we’re making! #WalrusYes ”

For those not in the know, Tusk centers on Justin Long’s character, a podcaster who is coaxed into the home of a crazy old man (Michael Parks) who plans to turn him into the walrus-man creature. Upon his disappearance, the character’s girlfriend (Genesis Rodriguez) and his podcast co-host (Haley Joel Osment) set out to find him.

We here at Morbidly Amusing are definitely looking forward to Smith’s latest off-beat adventure, one that he himself describes as “the cuddly version of The Human Centipede“.

Yeah, let’s do this.