Masters Of Italian Horror Cinema Collaborate In ‘The Book’, Teaser Trailer Released


The success of movies such as V/H/S and ABCs of Death have made it popular for genre filmmakers to join forces for a common goal.  That collaborative tradition continues with The Book, a new horror anthology that brings together the biggest names in Italian genre cinema.  This includes Ruggero Deodato, Sergio Martino and Lamberto Bava, the creative forces behind popular Italian horror genre films like Cannibal HolocaustTorso and Demons.

Set to be written by Dardano Sacchetti (The BeyondDemons), The Book will feature twelve separate tales of horror centered around Rome, with each filmmaker given the freedom to make the segments anything they want.  All twelve shorts will then be joined together to comprise one collaborative work.  The film will be scored by Goblin, who are known for creating some of the most iconic themes in Italian horror history.

This sounds like every Italian horror fans wet dream. Check out the teaser trailer below and, as per usual, more information will be passed along as it becomes available.