Mike Flanagan’s Acclaimed TIFF Horror Hit ‘Oculus’ Gets A Trailer


One of the horror films selected to the Midnight Madness section of 2013’s Toronto International Film Festival, Mike Flanagan’s Oculus was a film I had originally planned on seeing while attending the festival. I ended up not having enough time, but it certainly remains one of my most anticipated films to come in 2014. Thanks to the folks over at Yahoo!, the first trailer for the film has now been released and others can now anticipate it right along with me.

Oculus tells the story of a woman (Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan) who attempts to exonerate her brother (Brenton Thwaites) by proving that it wasn’t he who committed a particular murder, but rather a paranormal phenomenon associated with their family’s antique mirror that perpetrated the crime. It received a fair amount of acclaim from it’s TIFF premiere and I honestly can’t wait until it hits theaters April 11th.

While it’s not available on Youtube as of yet, you can check out the trailer over on Yahoo! via the link below.