Morbidly Amusing Presents: The Halloween Hit List



October here at Morbidly Amusing is predictably our favorite month of the year. Keeping that in mind, Dr. Morbid and myself are excited to be bringing you some special month-long features to help get you in the Halloween spirit. First on the docket is The Halloween Hit List, a collection of horror films Dr. Morbid and myself have decided to spotlight throughout the month. These are films that we have enjoyed during past Octobers that have personally helped us get in the mood for All Hallows’ Eve. They range from off-the-beaten path horror flicks, to those we feel are underrated, and finally to a very select few classics. While some may expect typical fare like John Carpenter’s Halloween to make the list, we’ve decided to spot-light films that don’t typically get as much attention.  

There will be an entry every other day of the month, starting this Wednesday October 2nd. Some will be written by yours truly, That Other Raimi Brother, and others will be under the helm of Dr. Morbid himself. We hope you’ll be willing to go on this terrifying (and sometimes cheesy) journey with us as we move ever closer to Halloween. This is The Halloween Hit List.