‘Mortal Kombat X’ Eviscerates E3


The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2014 brought news of some promising new games that are sure to keep the video game industry booming. Of all the insane titles on display, only one garnered my attention, enabling a countdown in my head until its release: Mortal Kombat X. That’s right, the popular fighting game franchise from the 90’s is back with its tenth installment, which just so happened to be on display at this year’s E3. Ed Boon, the series co-creator and creative director at Netherrealm Studios, was also on hand at the event, dishing out details on what looks likely to be an X rated version of Mortal Kombat. Boone revealed in a lengthy interview that the X in the game’s title stands for a number of things, the most obvious being the tenth entry in the series. He also said the X stands for next, as in the next generation of consoles and fighters. You can check out the entire Boone interview with IGN below:



Of all the news revealed about MKX at E3, perhaps the most intriguing to me was the confirmation of the game’s original story mode. Boone stated that the storyline will take place over various time periods, picking up where the previous game, MK9, left off and eventually transitioning to 25 years in the future. This is a brilliant move in my opinion because, essentially by the time this game gets released, Mortal Kombat will be approximately 25 years old. Furthermore, during the events of the last game the story went back in time through the original trilogy and seemingly changed the events of the future. Many of the characters on the roster died, altering future events. I believe this story will begin in the past with characters and events from MK4 and then will go ahead 25 years into the future, showing the fans what has happened in the last quarter of a century in place of the events of Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armageddon. Again, it’s a brilliant move because MK4 came out in 1997 and by the time this game gets released and the the next Mortal Kombat game (MK11) comes out, roughly 25 years would have elapsed from that point. This makes perfect sense to me because an MK game gets released roughly every 4 years. This game will now be completely up to speed and modernized with new characters, environments and game-play.

Speaking of new characters, several were revealed at E3, each looking more deadly, devastating and devious than their predecessors. The game’s official slogan is “Who’s Next” and, well, now we know who. First up is D’Vorah, an agile female fighter who looks like she controls insects. She seems to have already earned the nickname of ‘bug lady’ as she comes equipped with wings and exoskeletal limbs that impale. She appears to be extremely quick, flying around the arena, which is reminiscent of Sindel. Next up is a tandem in Ferra/Torr. Ferra is this tiny, yet viscous girl who seemingly has control of this giant brute, Torr. The two make for an interesting combination as Torr can toss Ferra at opponents, leading to her delivering some devastating attacks. Another character revealed is Kotal Kahn. Boone was mum on giving out any details about this character, but we can only speculate that he has something to do with Shoa Kahn as he is one bad looking dude. All I can say is that he is some sort of Aztec sun god that looks like he wants to punish and pulverize his opponents. His fatality was on display in the demo and he appears to channel his inner Kano, ripping out his opponent’s heart, squeezing it and drinking its blood. Shao Kahn would be proud. Finally, my favorite new character thus far is definitely Cassie Cage. She is the daughter of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage. It all sort of makes sense with the game being 25 years in the future and the fact that they were the only earth realm good guys that survived the onslaught of MK9. Furthermore, we also know that throughout the series Cage has always had a crush on Sonya. Hey, it looks like Johnny finally got some! His movie star good looks have finally paid off. Cassie seems like she plays great and is sure to be a fan favorite. Boone stated that there will be many more new characters included in the game, and several of those may be more like Cassie, the offspring of previous fighters. The rest of the roster will consist of aged veterans, two of whom we already know to be Scorpion and Subzero. Finally, Boone also stated that the game’s main protagonist will a “surprise returning character”.

Also revealing itself at E3 was the game’s official gameplay trailer. It showed the new characters in action and their gruesome fatalities to boot. It also showcased several new features introduced in MKX. First off, the environments will be completely interactive. For example, a tree branch can be swung upon, thrown or utilized as an x-ray attack. There will also be three different fighting styles per character. This was actually first introduced in MK: Deadly Alliance but is now taken to a whole new level. For example, Cassie Cage has a fighting style in Spec Ops that has her fighting like her mother, Sonya. She has guns and can call in air strikes. However, you can also use her Hollywood style, where she plays more like her father, Cage. She even has a ‘Nut Kracker’ x-ray move that is the most brutal to date. I personally love the insertion of three different styles per character. In the demo, the game showed 24 slots for characters in the game, but with each character having three different versions, its really like having 72 characters. This will lead to many different types of match-ups and add a more cerebral strategy to the game that has never really been seen before. You can feast your eyes on this gameplay trailer below:



MKX was a huge hit at E3 and over the ensuing months more information will no doubt be released. Aside from the information presented at E3, we know the game will be released in 2015. There are rumors that it will be released at the same time as a new movie, but that has yet to be confirmed. Boone also stated that the game’s online component will be absolutely incredible. These are his actual words used to describe the experience: “It’s an online game that everybody who owns the game is participating in. It’s something that’s going to be a huge community push. We want everybody to care about this meta-game. You’re going to want to do your part, because there are perks to doing well. And there are… not necessarily punishments, but the fact that you don’t get those perks is kind of … well you’re going to want to do well.”

What this means is anybody’s guess, but I simply can’t wait and am chomping at the bit to get Mortal Kombat X in my hands. More news will be presented in the future and rest assured, it will be covered here on MorbidlyAmusing.com. Keep checking back for more updates.


Source: IGN