‘Mortal Kombat X – Faction Wars’ Game Mode Breakdown


Mortal Kombat X is here and is packed to the brim with content.  Here at MorbidlyAmusing.com, the Moshing Maniac is going to break down the features that make up MKX starting with its brand new “Faction Wars”.  Faction Wars is a completely new game mode that has never been seen before in any MK game.  How it works is players will have the option to choose from one of five factions to align with.  All the faction options are listed below, along with each of their special trailers designed to persuade gamers to join a persistent online cross-platform competition.  Each week a faction champion will be crowned and to the victors go the spoils, which include winning points for your faction, ranking up personally, and earning special rewards such as faction-specific fatalities and brutalities.   Check out the official Faction Wars trailer below


Faction Wars are currently going down as this article is being typed, but now a new question arises: what faction should you choose?  That’s going to be a difficult decision, especially if you are not familiar with the Mortal Kombat universe.  So, to follow will be all the faction breakdowns plus their stand alone trailers.

Lin Kuei:  Up first is what is sure to be the most popular faction because its grandmaster is none other than Sub-Zero. The faction I speak of is of course the Lin Kuei.  The motto of the Lin Kuei reads “Loyalty is eternal. Choose your Faction. Fight for Lin Kuei”.  It’s surprising to me that the Lin Kuei now fights the good fight as they have now chosen to protect Earthrealm, where as in the past they have aligned themselves with the forces of darkness.  Some of this no doubt has to do with Sub-Zero becoming the new grandmaster after killing Sektor.  That information came straight out of a comic published by DC.  The Lin Kuei now are good guys and you can check out the official Lin Kuei Faction trailer below with its official statement, “Lin Kuei has been reformed by their new Grand Master, Sub Zero. They focus their considerable power on Earthrealm’s protection. Is this your calling”?


Black Dragon:  Another extremely popular faction is bound to be the vile Black Dragon organization.  The Black Dragon have been around since the old days of the very first Mortal Kombat game.  Led by the sinister Kano, the Black Dragon will stomp heads and slice throats for their survival.  Their official motto is, “Evil by any means. Choose your Faction. Fight for Black Dragon”.  The Dragon have had many representatives in the Mortal Kombat tournament over the years including Kabal, Jarek and Tremor.  This clan of cut throat mercenaries now seek you to join their faction, “A cut-throat criminal organization, Black Dragon carries out the most violent and brutal crimes imaginable. Does this speak to your criminal side?”  Check out the official MKX Black Dragon Faction trailer below.


White Lotus:  The White Lotus Society fights for the protection of Earthrealm.  The origins of this mysterious society proclaim that, “White Lotus was formed by Raiden and Shaolin to include the finest martial artists from around the world. Will you answer their call”?  Some who have answered their call over the years have been Liu Kang, Kung Lao and Fujin.  The White Lotus were victorious against Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn in the previous Mortal Kombat tournament.  Their official motto is, “Focus. Fight. Finish. Choose your Faction. Fight for White Lotus”.  Will they be victorious once again now that a new war has begun?  Find out and check out the official White Lotus Faction trailer.


Special Forces:  The Special Forces unit has been around Mortal Kombat since the beginning, tracking down the deadly, lethal Black Dragon organization.  Special Forces is led by Lt. Sonya Blade and Maj. Jackson Briggs, who are always ready to defend their country at any cost.  Their official motto is, “Defend against all odds. Choose your Faction. Fight for Special Forces”.  The Special Forces are expanding as well.  Joining them now are warriors such as Johnny Cage and Kenshi.  Plus a new wave of warriors are also enlisted, and they go by the names of Cassie Cage, Kung Jin, Jacqui Briggs and Takeda.  Mortal Kombat Special Forces once even had their own spinoff game for the first Playstation but now seek your help in finishing the fight. “Special Forces use their military training and state-of-the-art technology, protecting Earthrealm from threats beyond our reality. Will you choose to stand in their ranks?”  On your knees soldier and watch the Mortal Kombat X Special Forces Faction Trailer.


Brotherhood of Shadow:  Perhaps the most elusive of all factions, the Brotherhood of Shadow is mysterious, deadly and powerful.  The fate of Earthrealm and the Mortal Kombat tournament now hangs in the balance and the Brotherhood of Shadow have turned the tide in their favor. “Using dark magic to resurrect fallen warriors, the growing Brotherhood Of Shadow is a ruthless operation that only serve their evil Elder God Shinnok. Will you choose to fight for darkness?” One being that has chosen to fight for darkness is the sorcerer Quan Chi, who will stop at nothing until Earthrealm has fallen under possession of his fallen master.  The fallen warriors mentioned now refer to the kombatants that were slain the previous tournament, including Smoke, Nightwolf, Stryker, Kabal, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Jax, and Kitana.  Their official motto is, “In pursuit of darkness. Choose your Faction. Fight for Brotherhood of Shadow”.


Those are all the five factions plus each of their respective trailers. The only thing left to do now is to purchase Mortal Kombat X, select a faction, and help sway the balance between good and evil.  Earth can now be saved or destroyed.  You make the call. FINISH THEM.