‘Mortal Kombat X’ Updates Including Release Date, Returning Characters


It’s been awhile since any Mortal Kombat news has been reported here on Morbidly Amusing. Well, fear not as the newly dubbed Mortal Moshing Maniac has all the latest buzz surrounding NetherRealm’s highly anticipated fighting game. So read on and get ready to “Finish Him”.

Release Date: Finally fans of this fighting game can commence a countdown as NetherRealm has nailed down a release date. Mortal Kombat X will be released here in the U.S. on April 14, 2015. That date comes nearly three years after the release of the last installment in MK9. Its hard to believe its been nearly three years since fans had a new Mortal Kombat to sink their teeth into.


Kano Revealed: The leader of the Black Dragon clan is back and ready to rip out your heart. Kano has been revealed as a character in the game joining Raiden, Scorpion and Subzero as original fighters from the first MK game that are confirmed. Kano looks badder and more brutal than ever, appearing as an aged veteran who has not lost a step. Looking more machine than man, Kano will fight with three fighting styles known as Cutthroat, Cybernetic and Commando. Each style looks deadiler than the next. Check out the official trailer below:




Goro Lives: The four-armed Shokan warrior will make an epic return to the series, but this time not as a boss. Goro will return as a pre-order exclusive character. What an exceptional incentive for fans to take advantage of. Obviously, Warner Bros. will release Goro publicly sometime after launch for people who did not pre-order the game. However, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to fight as Prince Goro on the day the game comes out?!

Return of an -ality: Series co-creator Ed Boon revealed at last year’s Gamescom that a returning ality will make a comeback in the new game. A quote from Boon was “For those who are familiar with Mortal Kombat, we first had the Fatality and we added a Babality. We had the Friendship moves, Brutality moves and all of these crazy things over the years. We are going to be reinstating an ‘Ality’ from a previous game into Mortal Kombat X. And I can’t wait to be able to talk about it but at the moment I can’t.” My guess would be that it will be none other than the “Animality”. These were rumored to be in Mortal Kombat 2 and made their one and only appearance in Mortal Kombat 3. The Animalities were not well received because they did not look good back in the day. Now, with the power of next generation systems, I’m sure they will look flawless and bloodier than ever. I just hope some fighter turns into JAWS.

That’s about the extent of information revealed thus far. There have been many rumors of fighters to be included in the game such as Ermac, Jade, Mileena, Quenn Sindel and Smoke but none have been confirmed. Ed Boon continues to tease everybody on Twitter and I’m sure his jokes will continue. Rest assured, any news that does turn up will be sure to be covered right here on Morbidly Amusing.com!