MTV’s ‘Scream’ TV Series Drops First Trailer


When Wes Craven returned to the Scream franchise in 2011 for the fourth instalment, it’s safe to say fans were worried that the quality of the film would suffer after such a long lay-off and with a brand new set of texting youngsters as bait for Ghostface.  Well, it turned out those worries were mostly for naught as Scream 4 ended up being a really entertaining sequel that, in this writer’s opinion, moved into the second slot just behind the original Scream as the franchise’s best film. But now, well, it’s officially time to worry.

MTV is officially pushing on with their Scream TV series, and the proof is in the first trailer. While it isn’t a bad first tease for the series per se, I can’t get past the feeling that it would be in much better hands at a network with a much better track record of producing quality television.

Check out the trailer for yourself below. MTV’s Scream hits small-screens everywhere June 30th.