New 8-Bit “Friday the 13th” Game

F13 - Main Screen

I know it’s technically Saturday the 14th but here is some Friday the 13th love.  To help celebrate Friday the 13th, 2013, the release of Crystal Lake Memories (which will be reviewed shortly) and the release of the complete Friday the 13th franchise on Blu-ray (without all the Unrated cuts…seriously?) are upon us.  But I have something even better for you.

Here’s the 8-Bit horror game that we have all been waiting patiently for.  HACKTIVISION ( have created a new unfortunately fake Nintendo game that covers the entire Friday the 13th franchise, including the TV show.  Entitled Friday the 13th Lives! The Ultimate Chapter, enjoy the screenshots below which include the cartridge, booklet stills and gameplay screens.  There is also a link to the glorious fake trailer underneath.

Game Cartridge

2 Contents

12 Underworld 1

13 Underworld pg 2

14 Underworld pg 3

18 Map

F13 -1WM


(Trailer of Game)


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