New ‘Friday the 13th’ Confirmed As Another Reboot, Gets Release Date


Here’s some Thanksgiving news for you.  The Friday the 13th franchise is once again coming back from the dead, just like the series title character Jason Voorhees. Paramount Pictures has announced that they will be releasing a brand new title to the long-running horror series on March 13, 2015.

Is it going to be a sequel to the Marcus Nispel reboot back in 2009? Is it the continuation of the franchise that seemingly ended in 2003 with Freddy vs. Jason? The answer is none of the above. According to the reliable Exhibitor Relations Twitter account, the new film will be yet another reboot.  It will also be the thirteenth theatrically released movie in the series.

The catch to Paramount actually getting the rights to make the movie was that it would expire in five years, but by having a new Jason Voorhees film in theaters in 2015 Paramount is taking full advantage.  March 13, 2015 is an ideal date because it is one of only three Friday the 13th options on the 2015 calendar.

So are you looking forward to the new Friday The 13th movie?  And will it be a found footage film?   I personally believe a second reboot is unnecessary… just make it an old-school 80’s slasher.  Like usual, as more information is made available we will provide it for you.