New Horror Film ‘Almost Mercy’ Promises A New Breed Of Terror, Co-Stars Kane Hodder And Bill Moseley


The Woodhaven Production Company and Verdi Productions  announced that they will be producing three feature films over the next 10 months.  This includes Bad Hurt (a drama), Bleed For This (a boxing film that involves Oscar-winner Martin Scorsese) and last but not least, Tom DeNucci’s third feature film Almost Mercy.

Tom DeNucci (writer/director of Self Storage & Army of the Damned) co-wrote the script along with Bernard Dolan, and DeNucci is also taking on producing responsibilities on top of his directorial duties.  The film follows two outcasts, Jackson and Emily, who are burgeoning sociopaths on the brink of a  total meltdown. They are ticking time bombs seeking revenge, but which one will unravel first?  The film focuses on a new breed of terror. A fear that is now closer to home than ever imagined.

The film stars Kane Hodder, best known for his portrayal of Jason Voorhees, who will play Coach Elwood, a seedy, overly aggressive gym teacher, driven by self-help books and his obsession with inflicting mental pain on his students. The film also stars genre favorite Bill Moseley, who will play Pastor Johnson, an overzealous preacher, who’s got the whole town fooled.

Chad A. Verdi said of the film that, “Tom DeNucci has directed two great films for us and we expect that he will repeat this again.  DeNucci was elevated to producer on this feature film because of all his hard work and dedication to the project. I am very happy that the flowing producers and ex-producers will be joining Tommy and I in association with LDI unlimited, David Gere, David Lussier as producers and Sherry Lussier, Michael Cole, Taylor Van Zant, Seth Rosenblit with Michelle Verdi as ex-producer and music supervisor.”

Almost Mercy is set to be released sometime in 2015.  As soon as more information about the production or any other news related to the film is released, we will be sure to report it back to you here.  Tom DeNucci’s film Self Storage is currently available on Netflix and Army of the Damned is now on On Demand.


Courtesy of Verdi Productions, The Woodhaven Production Company