New Horror-Themed 2D Fighting Game ‘The Chainsaw Incident’ Features Leatherface


The simple 2D fighting games of the 1990’s, especially the ultra violent Mortal Kombat franchise, will always hold a special place in my rotting black heart.  These games obviously served as a huge inspiration for the upcoming game The Chainsaw Incident, which was recently announced by the developers over at Origo Games and Crazy Piranha Entertainment.

This gruesome 2D fighter will soon be hitting the Playstation 4 and PS Vita, and some very familiar faces will be popping up to spill buckets of blood, including our good friend Leatherface.  This game will feature 26 characters when it launches.  According to Origo’s Adam McClard, the project is still in “very early development” and added that it will be a very community-involved process. A Kickstarter campaign is planned to launch towards the end of February/ early March.

I am personally excited that a horror-themed 2D fighting game is being released, but I am even happier that it is a PS4 exclusive because that is the system I ended up buying.  I would rather receive a game like The Chainsaw Incident than a blatant cash grab such as Dead Rising 3, which was an exclusive for the XBox One and seemed rushed to make it to stores for Launch.  Here is the first official gameplay teaser for this new game.