No One Lives (2013) Review


Rated R

86 min

Directed by: Ryûhei Kitamura

Written by: David Cohen


No One Lives is about a gang of ruthless killers who kidnap a rich couple, which results in the death of the female captive. After the discovery of a tied up woman in the back of the couple’s car it is revealed that they messed with the wrong dude. Boy did they MESS with the wrong dude.

What follows next is much bloodshed and slaughter by the hands of the mysterious Driver, as IMDB refers to him. As the body count begins to rise the woman in the trunk (Emma) is revealed to have been the lone survivor of a previous massacre and a two million dollar reward is available for her safe return to her parents.

Will the kidnappers survive the night and receive their reward? Oh wait; the title of the movie is No One Lives.



Great anti-hero – The Driver (portrayed by Luke Evans) doesn’t consider himself a serial killer but rather a psychopath because he deals in large numbers. You can’t help but root for him to kill this gang of scumbags. Flynn (portrayed by Derek Magyar) is also a standout amongst the members of the gang.

Violent as hell – This movie embraced its R-rating and featured tons of visceral violence and enough of the red stuff to satisfy any genre fan. Most of the deaths were very clever and inventive without stepping into the torture porn category. Loved the stomach gag near the beginning.

Very fast paced – There is very little if any filler added to pad the films length and this results in a quick moving entertaining movie that doesn’t overstay its welcome.



−   Not very original – At first the movie seemed like a fresh and original take on a stagnant genre, the whole victim being a psychopath and turning the tables on his captives thing, but the more I think of this film the more it reminds me of The Last House on the Left. Just replace the psychopath with two parents.

−   Predictable – After the set-up I knew where we were headed the entire time. The typical slasher rules were in complete display here (don’t get out of the car, don’t open the front door to examine a bloody bag, don’t shower alone, don’t separate) but again the movie is titled No One Lives.

−   Cardboard villains – With the exception of Flynn the remainder of the gang is stereotypical with the cowardly guy, the boss guy and the large muscle guy mixed in there. What does this gang rob and kill for? We learn almost nothing about them except for the fact that they are all meat for the slaughter.


No One Lives is an entertaining body count slasher flick with a nice mean streak to it. The mysterious anti-hero proved to be a force of nature as he proceeded to slice and dice the meaningless bodies in front of him for our enjoyment. Unfortunately it wasn’t as much of a fresh take on the genre as the filmmakers intended it to be.

Despite a sense of been there, done that No One Lives is well worth your time.