‘Phantasm 5: Ravager’ Has Finally Been Confirmed, Tall Man Fans Rejoice!


Phantasm 4: Oblivion was released in 1998 and ever since then fans have been eager to see the continuing adventures of the Tall Man with a fifth installment of the Phantasm series.  This possible sequel has been the subject of countless rumors and discussions in recent years.  Ever since the moment that credits rolled on Phantasm 4 and viewers were left with a cliffhanger of an ending, there was an obligation to the fans for a proper conclusion.

Franchise creator/director Don Coscarelli has remained silent about the future of the Tall Man and that future has been shrouded in mystery until now.  Website Ain’t It Cool News has just released a poster that they say they have 100% confirmed is indeed legit and not just merely fan art. Although the site is apparently not at liberty to reveal any details about Phantasm: Ravager, in regards to plot or release date, they suggested that perhaps the film has already been shot in secret.  This is indeed very good news for fans of the original Phantasm or the entire Phantasm series, who it looks as if will receive the proper ending that they were waiting for.


Courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News