‘Phantasm: Ravager’ Teaser Already Released


We announced earlier this week that Phantasm: Ravager was not only confirmed, but was in fact already in Production before the announcement was made.  Surprisingly, the movie is already completed and it somehow remained a secret the whole time, which is amazing considering the Internet.  For the first time in the series history, the film is not going to be directed by Don Coscarelli, but he did co-write and produce the film.  Frequent collaborator, David Hartman, is taking over the directorial duties for this one.

As far as the plot, this is what Coscarelli revealed about Phantasm 5, ″The Phantasm films have been a guerrilla operation for decades now, totally outside of the studio system. We do them for the fans, and I think Ravager will definitely please them. In the past few years several studios have made offers to remake Phantasm with large budgets, but the fans were very vocal that they wanted the original cast to return and finish this iteration of the story with class. And for the first time there’s an extended sequence on the Tall Man’s home world. I know Phantasm fans will be as excited as I am to see it.”

The teaser trailer for Phantasm: Ravager has already been released, which was given exclusively to Entertainment Weekly.  It is very surprising to see a classic film series such as Phantasm get a proper sequel after so many years, and it is even more surprising to find out that they have already filmed the movie, so enjoy the first teaser trailer below.