‘Point Break’ Remake Announced, Main Cast Revealed


Point Break is most likely my favorite action movie of all time.  So it infuriates me that Hollywood has the nerve to remake a film that should never be remade, in the same way that it would be a travesty for Jaws to be remade.  These are films that represented the era in which they were made so perfectly, that there is no point to make it again for another generation.  Point Break was definitely a genre-defining action film that has influenced just about every action movie since.

Now I’m not one of those people who is totally against remakes, I mean just look at films like The Hills Have Eyes or Maniac, which I thought were better than the original films that they were based on.  The point of making a remake is to give a movie that seems out of date a modern spin, or to take a film that has a great concept but didn’t live up to what it could or should have been new life.  It could also be an old movie that not many people have seen.  But, considering that Point Break was beat by beat, a 90’s action classic there is no reason to remake it.

Australian actor Luke Bracey, whose biggest role so far was in last year’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation, has been signed on to play Johnny Utah in the role originally played by Keanu Reeves, according to producers.  He joins Gerard Butler who’s set to take  on the role of gang leader Bodhi, a part originally played by the late Patrick Swayze. Ericson Core,  who’s only directed the feature Invincible, is on board to direct the film, which will begin shooting early this summer.


In the original Point Break, Utah infiltrated the surfing community in order to nab a gang of violent bank robbers. In the remake, he’ll go undercover in the “international extreme sports” world.  That sounds like a really lame twist  on the original gang of surfers.  So, does this mean that surfboards will be traded in for skateboards?  We will update you on any further news as it is released.

There have been too many films that have destroyed some of my childhood favorite movies and  TV shows, and I really hope that it doesn’t happen with this film.  When I was a kid I watched a VHS copy of Point Break so many times that I wore out the tape.  So, it’s pretty obvious that the original movie is near and  dear to my heart.  But,, my main worry about the remake is that Gary Busey won’t have a supporting role in this one.  I love that crazy bastard.