‘Predator’ Getting the Reboot Treatment via ‘Iron Man 3’ Writer-Director Shane Black


The Hollywood Reporter has dropped the news that 20th Century Fox is rebooting the Predator franchise. While news of yet another franchise reboot isn’t exactly groundbreaking given the current cinematic landscape, the fact that Shane Black, a talented writer-director known for his films Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, is set to helm the project is certainly exciting. Known for his trademark snappy dialogue and off-beat sense of humor, Black seems like the perfect choice, especially given that he acted in the original Predator.


Apparently the plan is for Black himself to write the treatment for the reboot film and then hand it over to screenwriter Fred Dekker, who previously co-wrote The Monster Squad with Black back in the ’80s. Black will then direct the film himself.

As someone who is not as attached to the Predator franchise as some, here’s hoping Black & Dekker can craft something worthwhile and original out of the well-worn action tropes the Predator franchise is known for. Maybe, as Black has done with many a film before, set it during Christmas?

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Source: THR