Rob Zombie Unleashes First Trailer for Clown-Centric Horror Flick ’31’


Rob Zombie is an acquired taste as a filmmaker to say the least. He’s always been interested in showcasing the grimy and offputting psychopaths that somehow slip through the cracks in our society, and it looks like his latest horror film aims to take this interest to the extreme.

The film is set on Halloween 1976 and centers on a group of carnival workers who are captured and forced to play a game called “31”. Essentially, they are trapped in a maze-like group of rooms for 12 hours with murderous psychopaths dressed as clowns around every corner. The goal? To survive the full 12 hours.

31 is a film that has long been in development for Zombie. Crowdfunded through the site FanBacked, the film premiered back at the Sundance Film Festival in January to decidedly mixed reviews, nothing new for a Zombie film.

You can check out the trailer for 31 below. The film hits theaters September 16th.